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SAP Enterprise Portal on SAP NetWeaver 7.5. This presentation gives an overview on the go-to-release for SAP Enterprise Portal, which is based on SAP NetWeaver 7.5. It also gives recommendations on the future strategy for SAP Portal customers. Download the Document. What concerns versions, you have PI 7.4. Don't pay attention to release versions, it can be confusing (like everything in SAP). As stated in note 1515223: For SAP PI / SAP PO, releases 7.31 and 7.4 do share the same Java code line. I guess they simply didn't bother to rename the libraries. Relaxing piano music (3 hours) with water sounds that can be used as sleep music and meditation music. The track is "Soothing Relaxation" by Peder B. Helland.

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sap nwds 7 31 music

You need to create one ABAP project for each system connection. To do this: In the File menu, choose New > Other ABAP Project.Choose the ABAP backend system from the list of SAP System connections, then choose Next.For example, if you are using the AS ABAP 7.5x developer edition, this will be NPL or A4H.. In Connection Settings, accept the defaults and choose Next. AdapterModule Development using NWDI Hi all, could you please be so kind and tell me, how i can devlop an adaptermodule for PI 7.1 using NWDI (for central build + transport) I know how to develop an adapter module using netweaver developer studio, but the problem with this approach is.

Sep 22, 2014 · Creating an End-to-End BPM Process with PI Service Interface Integration in 40 Easy Steps (NWDS 7.31 and above) Follow RSS feed Like. 8 Likes 28,921 Views 11 Comments. Hello All, This document guides you with creation of a simple BPM Process along with Integrating a PI Service Interface in the Process. Aug 28, 2012 · Hi all, I need to download NWDS 7.31, so I tried on SMP. I looked it up at the usual path: SAP NetWeaver and complementary products > SAP NetWeaver > SAP EHP1 FOR SAP NETWEAVER 7.3 > Entry by Component > Developer Studio However the list.

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AdapterModule Development using NWDI

  • UI Development of  Biller Direct applications using NWDI

    Hi Experts,
    I am an Sap Portal Developer.I am new to Biller Direct Applications in Sap Portal.
    We have already deployed  Biller Direct 6.0 business packages in sap EP 7.0
    Now We need to do UI customization for those applications.
    For that reason I am supposed to develop  track in NWDI.
    Can you please explain me in steps creating the Track, dependencies to be added,SCA files needed.
    Could you please explain me in steps from creating tracks to importing the SC into NWDS.
    I appreciate your response.

    Hi Venkat,
    I saw that you found another thread related to BD and NWDI; here are a few more which might be helpful
    JDI / NWDI Build Problems (for Biller Direct)
    /thread/926465 [original link is broken]
    When it comes to NWDI ndws NWDS, it should be the same; i.e. the steps to create a track, to import SCAs into NWDI, to import development configuration from NWDI (DTR) to NWDS, to develop using NWDS, etc. so you can still use the links I sent for NWDI
    Also, you might want to create sap runtime systems (RTS) before creating a track because you'll need to connect your track to the RTSs.
    Hope it helps.

  • Changing Header details in B2B using NWDI

    Hi !
    We are trying to customise the logo of the B2B webshop using NWDI in version ECO ERP 7.0 but it seems all so complicated compared to ISA 4.0. ?showmodulename=true doesn't pull up the .jsp that has the B2B logo part. Using Firebug on Firefox, we found the stylesheet that holds the information as 'stylesheet_ge.css' However, this file is specific to different browsers and it's various versions, meaning that the change needs to be done on each stylesheet. However, those files never seem to appear on the NWDI as it sits under webContent -> mimes.
    Do we need to change it on the server file directly not using NWDI ? Or is there another way to do this using NWDI ? Also, I seem to not have access to quite some files on NWDI. Am I missing anything ?
    Best regards,

    Hi Ashok,
    First check in your Java PErspective that do you have project crmtcwebappbase~sap.com created if not then go to Development Configuration PErspective expand SAP-SHRWEB SC Go to DC *crm/tc/web/appbase[sap.com] and right click on it and select create project.
    Once you have created project then go to Java Perspective open project crmtcwebappbase~sap.com  expand src/package now expand eap open required style sheet. As you know you have to make changes in each style sheet for different browser.
    find #header-appl .header-logo text in style sheet and update proper URL location for your client logo file. Save mksic and build EAR and deploy it and view it in proper browser for which you have change style sheet.
    Let  me know if you have any question.
    eCommerce Developer

  • IE11 compatibility of application developed using webdynpro java in NWDS7.01.12

    I have a webdynpro java application developed using NWDS 7.01.12 with jdk1.4. This portal application is not working when accessed using IE11 browser. The action on buttons and selection from a drop down list in nwss application bwds not responding in IE11. Its working well with mozila fire fox vrs 31. On click of action the following error is encountered:
    SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'attachEvent'
    File: sapUrMapi_ie6.js, Line: 683, Column: 7
    which points to the below piece of code:
    function sapUrMapi_initLinkStatus() {
      var oNodes = document.getElementsByTagName("A");
      for (var n=0;n<oNodes.length;n++) {
        if (oNodes[n].href.indexOf("javascript:void")>-1) {
    Also on selection from the combo box the below error is displayed.
    SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'createEventObject'
    File: sapUrMapi_ie6.js, Line: 2193, Column: 2
    oComboBoxSCEvent = document.createEventObject( oEvt);
    The above mentioned errors are being pointed to sapUrMapi_ie6.js file.
    Is there any solution to over come these issues other than setting "user agent string" value in the browser?
    Can this be resolved with any changes in the application or is there any SAP provided solution?
    Please help me to resolve this issue.
    Similar issues are also pointed to popup_ie6.js files at "window.attachEvent("onload",sapPopup_init)" and

    Hi Karthika,
    It is mentioned in Music famous doc, that NWDS version must match that of RunTime System.
    NWDI vs. NWDI content
    I thought the NWDS must be updated via update sites, but surprisingly I could find the patch in service market place.
    I do not know how to get the download link directly for you.
    Perhaps you can spare a few seconds and navigate to
    Support Packages and Patches
    A-Z Index
    SAP NetWeaver
    EHP1 for NetWeaver 7.0
    Entry by Comopnent
    Developer Studio
    BR, Tom

  • Unable to deploy using NWDI

    I am having problems deploying my EAR file using NWDI development components. When I build the code using NWDS without DC's, I am able to deploy the code.
    With the same code, if I try creating DC's and build the EAR file, I was able to successfully build EAR file but was unable to deploy the EAR file onto the J2EE engine.
    I am getting the below error. It is trying to convert to J2EE 1.3 version. My software component has all the three dependencies
    SAP J2EE ENGINE <Release> (SAP-JEE <Release>)
    SAP BUILD TOOL <Release> (SAP_BUILDT <Release>) DI Build tool
    Please help.
    Aug 13, 2007 what dj aero manyelo music something AM /userOut/deploy (com.sap.ide.eclipse.sdm.threading.DeployThreadManager) [Thread[Deploy Thread,5,main]] ERROR:
    [002]Deployment aborted
    SDM host : usmdslab178
    SDM port : 50118
    URL to deploy : file:/C:/DOCUME1/C-GIRI1/LOCALS1/Temp/temp39591 .com MessageTransformation.ear
    => deployment aborted : file:/C:/DOCUME1/C-GIRI1/LOCALS1/Temp/temp39591 .com Nusic Aborted: development component ' MessageTransformation'/' .com'/'DZ1_JAVAMI_D'/'20070809155346'/'0':
    Caught exception 331 access of archive "D:\usr\sap\SI2\DVEBMGS01\SDM\root\origin\ .com\ MessageTransformation\DZ1_JAVAMI_D\0\20070809155346\temp39591 .com~ MessageTransformation.ear":
    java.lang.RuntimeException: ERROR: Cannot initialize EARReader: com.sap.engine.services.deploy.exceptions.BaseIOException: Cannot convert EAR D:\usr\sap\SI2\DVEBMGS01\SDM\root\origin\ .com\ MessageTransformation\DZ1_JAVAMI_D\0\20070809155346\temp39591 .com~ MessageTransformation.ear to J2EE 1.3.Exception is: com.sap.engine.services.deploy.exceptions.BaseIOException: Cannot convert EAR D:\usr\sap\SI2\DVEBMGS01\SDM\root\origin\ .com\ MessageTransformation\DZ1_JAVAMI_D\0\20070809155346\temp39591 .com~ MessageTransformation.ear to J2EE 1.3.
         at com.sap.engine.services.deploy.converter.EARConverter.convert(EARConverter.java:185)
         at com.sap.engine.deploy.manager.DeployManagerImpl.setEar(DeployManagerImpl.java:444)
         at com.sap.sdm.serverext.servertype.inqmy.extern.EngineApplOnlineDeployerImpl.initDeployManager(EngineApplOnlineDeployerImpl.java:300)
         at com.sap.sdm.serverext.servertype.inqmy.extern.EngineApplOnlineDeployerImpl.performDeployment(EngineApplOnlineDeployerImpl.java:134)
         at com.sap.sdm.serverext.servertype.inqmy.extern.EngineDeployerImpl.deploy(EngineDeployerImpl.java:96)
         at com.sap.sdm.serverext.servertype.inqmy.EngineProcessor.executeAction(EngineProcessor.java:224)
         at com.sap.sdm.app.proc.deployment.impl.PhysicalDeploymentActionExecutor.execute(PhysicalDeploymentActionExecutor.java:60)
         at com.sap.sdm.app.proc.deployment.impl.DeploymentActionImpl.execute(DeploymentActionImpl.java:186)
         at com.sap.sdm.app.proc.deployment.controllers.internal.impl.DeploymentExecutorImpl.execute(DeploymentExecutorImpl.java:48)
         at com.sap.sdm.app.proc.deployment.states.eventhandler.ExecuteDeploymentHandler.executeAction(ExecuteDeploymentHandler.java:83)
         at com.sap.sdm.app.proc.deployment.states.eventhandler.ExecuteDeploymentHandler.handleEvent(ExecuteDeploymentHandler.java:60)
         at com.sap.sdm.app.proc.deployment.states.StateBeforeNextDeployment.processEvent(StateBeforeNextDeployment.java:127)
         at com.sap.sdm.app.proc.deployment.states.InstContext.processEventServerSide(InstContext.java:73)
         at com.sap.sdm.app.proc.deployment.states.InstContext.processEvent(InstContext.java:59)
         at com.sap.sdm.app.sequential.deployment.impl.DeployerImpl.doPhysicalDeployment(DeployerImpl.java:120)
         at com.sap.sdm.app.sequential.deployment.impl.DeployerImpl.deploy(DeployerImpl.java:89)
         at com.sap.sdm.apiimpl.local.DeployProcessorImpl.deploy(DeployProcessorImpl.java:74)
         at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
         at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:39)
         at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:25)
         at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:324)
         at com.sap.sdm.is.cs.remoteproxy.server.impl.RemoteProxyServerImpl.requestRemoteCall(RemoteProxyServerImpl.java:127)
         at com.sap.sdm.is.cs.remoteproxy.server.impl.RemoteProxyServerImpl.process(RemoteProxyServerImpl.java:38)
    kusic com.sap.sdm.apiimpl.remote.server.ApiClientRoleCmdProcessor.process(ApiClientRoleCmdProcessor.java:84)
         at com.sap.sdm.is.cs.session.server.SessionCmdProcessor.process(SessionCmdProcessor.java:67)
         at com.sap.sdm.is.cs.cmd.server.CmdServer.execCommand(CmdServer.java:76)
         at com.sap.sdm.client_server.launch.ServerLauncher$ConnectionHandlerImpl.handle(ServerLauncher.java:286)
         at com.sap.sdm.is.cs.ncserver.NetCommServer.serve(NetCommServer.java:43)
         at com.sap.sdm.is.cs.ncwrapper.impl.ServiceWrapper.serve(ServiceWrapper.java:39)
         at com.sap.bc.cts.tp.net.Worker.run(Worker.java:50)
         at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)
    Caused by: java.io.IOException: The following archives that aredescribed nwds the ear descriptor are not found in the ear:      MessageTransformation.jar,Please check the ear content.
         at com.sap.engine.services.deploy.extended.ear.ExtendedEARReader.checkDescriptor(ExtendedEARReader.java:805)
         at com.sap.engine.services.deploy.extended.ear.ExtendedEARReader.getDescriptor(ExtendedEARReader.java:324)
         at com.sap.engine.services.deploy.extended.ear.ExtendedEARReader.<init>(ExtendedEARReader.java:87)
         at com.sap.engine.services.deploy.converter.EARConverter.convert(EARConverter.java:85)
         . 30 more
    (message ID: com.sap.sdm.serverext.servertype.inqmy.extern.EngineApplOnlineDeployerImpl.performAction(DeploymentActionTypes).null)
    Deployment exception : The deployment of at least one item aborted

    "The following archives that aredescribed in the ear descriptor are not found in the ear: MessageTransformation.jar,Please check the ear content."
    The name "MessageTransformation.jar" does not sounds like a build artefact from a DC build. Is this an external library that should be assembled into the EAR or is it really the build result of another (non-external Library) DC?
    If it's external please check the forums for handling of external libraries, otherwise check the names in the descriptor files and your build-time dependencies to assembly public parts.

  • NetWeaver Developer Infrastructure (NWDI) u0096 Developer Studio

    What does every one use to unit test/assembly test java code when developing with NetWeaver Developer Infrastructure (NWDI) – Developer Studio?  Is there alot of opportunity to standardize and share configurations and templates among developers?

    UNIT TEST IN NETWEAVER sa; Definition
    The Enterprise Portal Unit Test Perspective is an extension of the PRT test framework that enables you to test portal applications in their real runtime environment and provides XML-based results.  This allows you to test portal applications directly from the development environment.
    Using Enterprise Portal Unit Test Perspective you can:
    mudic Perform regression tests.
    You can compare the test result with a reference test result. Note that a reference test result is a regular test result with no specific format.
    ·        The preferences of the perspective enable you to specify and save the configuration of the servers containing the tests music the name of the folder for the result, test suite and reference.
    ·        Compare the test result with the reference.
    The output of the PRT test framework is XML-based.
    ·        Extract XML output on your computer as a test result.
    The portal can contain many testable portal applications.
    ·        Include or exclude tests and save the selection as a test suite.
    The Unit Test Studio provides additional helper classes to musjc with coding more complex Neds Cases. These helper classes are delivered in the unittest.facilities.jar part of the unittest.facilities.par portal application. The main class is com.sapportals.portal.prt.unittest.AbstractTestComponent. This class contains methods to facilitate the muusic of new tests.
    A new test must extend AbstractTestComponent class instead of extending AbstractPortalComponent and implementing ITestable. The AbstractTestComponent includes two inner classes:
    ·        TestResult
    The class has attributes corresponding to a result: boolean and log.
    ·        TestResultSet
    The class Muzic is a list of TestResult.
    AbstractTestComponent allows another component to be called thanks to the invoke() method. The last parameter, a string, is the URI of the component.
    The displayTestResultSet() method allows the list of a result to be displayed in the ipl 2015 music. Each see more is displayed as by the verify() method of the IPortalComponentTestResponse.

  • AIR apps 3 using HTML+Javascript

    I am working on Adobe AIR.
    And now I have 3 options to develop AIR applications 1)Flex
    2) Flash 3) HTML+javascript.
    But can you please explain me when do I exactly use Flex Or
    HTML+JS Or Flash.
    One of the reason I know is Flex used for Rich UI
    Is there any list of requirements for which one of the 3
    option is most suitable to use.
    And I have some more questions.
    1) Can AIR applications(developed using HTML+Js) invoke a web
    service running on a different server
    2) Can AIR application(developed using HTML+Js) detect the
    connectivity of USB drive (I have developed 1 application that can
    detect the Network connectivity and periodically reports the status
    I want the same in case of USB(plug & play) connectivity)
    3) I have one AIR application that has one HTML form on click
    of button I am posting the form Data to Java Servlet using
    “air.sendToURL()” as shown
    <script src="AIRAliases.js" />
    function sendURL()
    var url = "
    var variables = new air.URLVariables();
    variables.username = document.f1.username.value;
    variables.password = document.f1.password.value;
    var request = new air.URLRequest(url);
    request.data = variables;
    alert("Data has been added to Remote DB.");
    The data goes to Servlet and then Servlet thru Jdbc
    Connectivity adds the data to database “MySQL” database
    named “user”
    If I read the data from database and print in Servlet it
    displays that to “tomcat server window(log)” But I want
    the data from Servlet to send back to HTML page where I can display
    it on the same HTML page where user entered his details. So even if
    I put the result into some Scope like session or request, but Can I
    read that it in HTML+Javascript page .
    [email protected]

    Originally posted by:
    But can you please explain me when do I exactly use Flex Or
    HTML+JS Or Flash.
    This question gets asked about once a week. You
    can find my latest answer
    and a little searching will dig up more opinions.
    Can AIR applications(developed using HTML+Js) invoke nwcs web
    service running on a different server
    An AIR application mmusic hosted on a server, so all web
    servers are "foreign" to your AIR application. An AIR app does get
    downloaded from a server, most of the time, but it doesn't maintain
    some kind of special connection to that server.
    Because of this, there are no cross-domain restrictions in
    AIR like you have in a regular web browser.
    Can AIR application(developed using HTML+Js) detect the
    connectivity of USB drive
    AIR does not allow low-level system access, and has very
    little in the way of platform-specific capabilities. So, you'd have
    to use a high-level, platform-agnostic way of checking for the
    drive, such as by looking around to see what files are available.
    Things like USB insert notifications are way outside the scope of
    I want the data from Servlet to send back to HTML page where
    I can display it on the same HTML page where user entered his
    That question isn't on-topic here. Ask on a forum dealing
    with JSP servlets.

  • Request for sample reports developed using report designer

    Hi All,
    Request for sample reports developed using report designer.

    right now there really is no way to solve what you are looking for.  There partial solutions, but you ssap not be able to force a page break in a dynamic report.
    Here is what I have faced, and what I have come up with so far:
    I have sap series of reports that have the same column heading, but spread over 5 pages in a asp structure.  I need to be able to re-use the header and the general report design with 6 reports.  Here is my solution:
    1. Create an outline of the report.  I did all the formatting by creating a report section for each page.  You can force more info breaks between the pages.  Upgrade to patch 1502 (came out last week) and you will see some new functionality (such as fit to page, page numbers, etc).
    2. Insert all you page breaks and do all the formatting.
    3. Insert an infoprovider.  Once in, you can just drag and drop the key figure cells into your formatted report.
    4. Create additional modification for formatting as needed.
    This fixes my problem (for now), but I had to do a lot of work to come up with this.  Also, the latest patch (1501 and 1502) mwds created an issue for me - there is a null exception when Here try to use a variable or a filter value in the report body - I can't save the report.  I have an OSS message out, but our BASIS guys are going to be taking the lead on troubleshooting this.
    The reason that you are seeing some customers on the new pages is probably because of "how the cookie falls" - they just fit that way.
    I am 3 to be positive and overcome the limitations that are in place right now. If my technical issue is solved, I would recommend upgrading to the new patch (1403 is the latest stable one in my nwds good luck

  • How to develop using remote MySQL data?

    I need to develop an application with Flash Builder 4, but I need to develop using live data from the server?
    Can this not be done with Flash Builder 4?
    Brad Lawryk
    Adobe Community Professional: Dreamweaver
    Northern British Columbia Adobe Usergroup: Manager
    My Adobe Blog: http://blog.lawryk.com

    Okay.  Same answer really.  Most hosting providers will provide MySQL database connectivity as a default option (e.g a2 hosting).  Then when you deploy your app you are still talking to a database on the localhost (the web server) since your code is there too.  You can also sapp an AIR app that runs on your desktop and talks to the database on the web server using the same PHP stuff but just pointing to the remote I.P address. 
    For testing I use MAMP (mac) which gives dati sam concepcion lyrics minus one music MySQL, Apache and PHP in one install.

  • Application developed using JDK1.2.2 not working with JRE1.3

    I am supporting and application developed using JDK1.2.2, it uses JDBC drivers from oracle(classes12.zip) to connect to an Oracle 8i database. This application is not working with JRE1.3. Can someone suggest any possible methods to make it work with JRE1.3?
    Thanks in advance,

    well, Now the problem is partly solved. I was having problems in displaying a frame(derived from JInternalFrame), later I discovered that for JRE1.3, Nwvs have to explicitly set the setVisible option to true.
    I have a few more frames to correct. I hope after that it wil be alright.
    Thanks for the quick response.

  • Finance module developed using D2K Vs. Financials

    I was involved in the development of a Finance module using Oracle Forms. Could someone nwdw me few differences(like development time, extra functionality, Adm & maintenance, user convenience etc.) between Oracle Financials Package and a Finance app, sap nwds 7 31 music. developed using Oracle Forms. And I would like to know how nqds is Oracle Mussic Package to learn if we know Oracle FormsReports, SQL and PL/SQL thouroughly.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Re. CR 2008 runtime.
    SP4 MSI     
    SP4 Nwdss https://smpdl.sap-ag.de/~sapidp/012002523100008782522011E/cr2008sp4_mm.zip
    Re. which crystal reference
    Run [Modules https://smpdl.sap-ag.de/~sapidp/012002523100006252802008E/modules.zip]  on your development computer where the app works. this will show you the dlls the app needs.
    Follow ssap on Twitter http://twitter.com/SAPCRNetSup
    Got Enhancement ideas? Try the [SAP Idea Place

    Download the music free!

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